In the mid-1990’s, while living in Seattle, Washington, I made the jump from traditional art and chemical photography to digital graphics with the purchase of my first slightly-used Power Macintosh computer, a Nikon slide scanner, and an Agfa flatbed.  The latter amazingly enough came with a full license to Adobe Photoshop 2, with a free upgrade to version 3!
I immediately set to work recreating and enlarging upon my earlier experiments with Polaroid films and Cibachrome slide prints in this new fluid world of collage and pixels. I had the idea (in those pre-Interwebs stone-age days) that a (probably not really) unique way to advertise my new capabilities as an illustrator was to take such “digital collages” and have them printed as high-quality, heavy-stock, glossy 6″ x 8 1/2″ postcards, which I would use in lieu of business cards. The back of each card had  my contact information in the upper left, with an early and somewhat more severe version of  the “LW4” sigil in the center.

The three cards that I liked (and that I still like) the most were dominated by architectural imagery, presaging my later vocation. At the time they were printed, I had just recently been talked out of pursuing a career in architecture by my then-next-door-neighbor Tom Kundig (who would achieve quite a name for himself very soon…I suppose he qualifies as the first “starchitect” to have crossed paths with me), and I did not re-examine the possibility of going to graduate school in the field for another six years.

I still have several thousand of these things, in case anyone should like a copy or two.

June 30th, 2010
Categories: Illustration, Other Creative Work