F.A. “I”

For reasons I fail to remember, this piece is also entitled Il Futuro Anteriore, although it antedates by almost a year the other item of that name.

Perhaps it should be labeled “A” or “I” to the later piece’s “B” or “II.” I labeled the sketches, successively, “machine god,” “Orpheus,” and “oracle,” but these terms (however descriptive) failed to adhere.

It is made from construction refuse, like the piece that shares its title, en-chromed with a great deal of red enamel and Dutch Metal “gold” and copper leaf. The electronic fragments belonged to a defunct telephone and a facsimile machine that, like Humpty Dumpty, took a great fall. The face came from a damaged, child-sized mannequin that inexplicably appeared in a pile of debris left after a winter’s storm on a street-corner near my studio. (What was it doing there? One of my neighbors saw it first and telephoned me immediately!) The blindfold (a near-last-minute addition) was cut from a fragment of lead roof flashing.

I am always reluctant to describe anything like this, or really anything I do, as a work of art, which seems to ascribe to it some sort of potentially-ineffable but certainly-undeniable significance. I do sometimes casually make things like this, in my spare time, for no particularly strong reason, mainly as a form of aesthetic solitaire. However, with this item I have a lurking suspicion I may have, from the beginning, wanted to create a particularly startling and very-slightly-offensive image (a conflation of trash, Bernini-esque gilded Baroque, and the cheap horror film), suitable for an attention-grabbing pamphlet…and of course, that is exactly what happened. This became the cover of the portfolio I sent to various architecture schools in late 2000, and it clearly caught someone’s notice.

December 21st, 2010
Categories: Artwork, Other Creative Work