Android Art (2)

I acquired a Google Android tablet (an Asus Transformer Prime T-201) running an updated version of the operating system (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) in February 2012.  This considerably more-powerful combination of device and operating system expands the available illustrative possibilities of the platform somewhat. Now, along with adequate processing power, I have access to a true image editor, Adobe Photoshop Touch, which has approximately the same capabilities as the desktop version of the application circa 1994. 3D-modeling applications are even more discouragingly primitive, limited at this point to “novelty” generation of voxels from photographs and awkward digital sculpting tools.

Still, the non-commissioned (and sometimes even completely spontaneous) images I have been able to produce with the Transformer Prime are very unlike any others I have created in years. And the portability of the tablet device (so much greater than even my smallest “netbook”) leads me to carry it with me, rather like the electronic equivalent of a sketchbook.

February 24th, 2012
Categories: Artwork, Illustration, Other Creative Work
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