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SYLLABUS (Rhino 5)

Class1 Introduction, class policies. Sample file. Rhino interface, Rhino object types, basic object modifications. Homework 1 assigned. Rhino help sources. Class 1 Lecture Outline.
Class2 Homework 1 due. More surface/solid tools. Modifications to existing objects: splits/trims. Homework 2 assigned. Class 2 Lecture Outline.
Class3 Homework 2 due. More curve extraction tools. Distances and measurement units. Copies and arrays. Blocks. Boolean Operations. Layers. Homework 3 assigned. Class 3 Lecture Outline.
Class4 Homework 3 due. Final Project discussion. Construction planes. Basic materials, lights, and rendering. Homework 4 assigned. Final Project proposal assigned. Class 4 Lecture Outline.
Class5 Homework 4 due. Final Project proposal due. Basic texture mapping. Mapping example. Patches and drapes. Terrain example. Class 5 Lecture Outline.
Class6 Useful 3D tools for architects. Standard CAD tools in Rhino. Printing and Layouts. Example model.  Class 6 Lecture Outline.
Class7 Export Rhino models to other file formats, and import models made with other programs into Rhino. Animating Camera on Path. Review of Trim, Split, and Boolean Operations. Final Project discussion. Class 7 Lecture Outline.
Class8 Final Project presentation for non-AOP students. No meeting for AOP students.


Rhino Resources
Rhino main website ACAD-like command aliases for Rhino
Rhino wiki Rhino Labs: free plugins
Rhino on-line video tutorials  
Rhino support forum  
Rhino Evaluation (allows 25 "saves" only)  
Rhino Sales (see Educational Version...US$195 for students)